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Van Morrison Maternity

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Before going into a session I like to set the vibe with music. To me, music speaks to my soul and opens up my creative side on a whole other level. This time, with Toria…


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I start off by asking Hannah to tell me about the first time she felt like she was falling in love. Sweetly enough, she immediately smiles, covers her face, and says “Oh, god! I’m going…

Making New Memories in the Same Place We Made Old Ones

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I met Linda and Mike late one night at the San Diego Airport, they were holding up a sign with name quickly scribbled across it. That was the day I started my student exchange year…

Run Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Joy

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One thing I’ve found to be true among my photographer friends is this: When asked to name things we love, photography is always near the top of the list. Lately it’s been an unconscious love…

The Art of Posing

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One of the essential things I learned in the beginning of this business, besides using manual settings and knowing  basic editing techniques, was the importance of posing. In certain stances, posing can make or break the…

Florida Storm Chasing Sessions

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Storms are my favorite. They add sky drama and paint depth with wind and the beauty of nature into an image. And although most of my clients shy away from holding a session in that kind of…