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Karmen Van Derven

Florida is for Family Sessions

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One of the best parts about being a photographer on the beach is, well THE BEACH. The little peninsula I live on is covered in all kinds of gorgeous terrain from sandy and desolate beaches,…

We are the Same. We are Different.

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We have cameras. and lenses. and so many opinions. We know what is best for ourselves, and we push all of that on each other. And for me, this has become invaluable and yet burdensome.…

Autobiographical Portraits

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Recently, I find myself struggling with my creative self expression vs. the sessions that pay the bills. I do my very best to stay inspired by ALL of my clients to give them a fun, giggle…

The Photo Sanctuary Vision Quest

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A vision quest is what I needed. Something to shock me into my own existence. Something to awaken my own journey, and give me energy to press on. So I set up some models, shoots, pulled…

You Are Documenting a Beautiful Journey

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You have something in you, and it wants to get out. You see stories and light and love and beauty and it resonates with you SO HARD that you try to capture it and make…

Florida Storm Chasing Sessions

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Storms are my favorite. They add sky drama and paint depth with wind and the beauty of nature into an image. And although most of my clients shy away from holding a session in that kind of…