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Dear One Night Stand Photographer

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The relationship between photographers and hair and makeup artists has always been… well it has always been much like a long string of bad relationships. A photographer meets a HMUA, the HMUA thinks they are…

Waiting for Baby W: A True Love Story

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These two spent 2 hours the first time I met them, telling me how much they loved each other! I always ask my couple to describe the other, in order to get an idea of…

Studio Portraits: A Gift of Yourself

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Studio Portraits: A Gift of Yourself I have always been drawn to strong portraiture, and single subjects pull me the most.  A strong portrait can instantly convey the struggle, the love, the passion, the intelligence…

Texas Whimsical Styled Bridal

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To say I loved working on this project would be a major understatement. I’m so thankful for each and every vendor who made this possible for me, and trusted me with my vision. Not only…

Arizona Desert Elopement

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Shooting in the middle of summer in Arizona is never the most pleasant thing between the heat and monsoon storms… but these two were champs. In the middle of the session we were hit with…

Being Your Best Advocate

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If you pay attention to wedding photographers in the industry, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve heard of Aaron & Whitney DuRall. This married duo is the powerhouse Aaron & Whitney Photography out of New…

Flower Child by Day, Wild Child by Night

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“Flower Child by Day, Wild Child by Night” Apopka, Florida HMUA/Wardrobe & Styling/Concept: Keara Gilbert Model: Monique Brigham with @modernmusemodels

Golden Hour Oklahoma Anniversary

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Kenzie wanted to book her yearly family portraits, but also wanted to add some time in for just her and her husband for their anniversary.  We started off with the kiddos and then handed them off to…

Getting Started With Self-Portraits

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Self-portraits. I could say SO MUCH about this topic. But for the purposes of this article, I’ll try and keep it short and sweet on how to get started taking them. There are many ways to go…

Van Morrison Maternity

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Before going into a session I like to set the vibe with music. To me, music speaks to my soul and opens up my creative side on a whole other level. This time, with Toria…