About Us

We are a whole bunch of crazy.

About Us

It’s magic, really, how it all happened, how we all fell into the same room one night, but basically all our lives changed that day. Because we met each other. And then we met MORE friends, and our friends’ friends, and before you know, we could see that something was changing, and that something was US. We were supporting each other, laughing together, crying together, helping each other, and the difference it made in our lives and our work was astonishing. We realized we had been alone, disconnected from each other, and all of the sudden we belonged somewhere. We had made our own home with each other, and now we want to invite you in, too.

Our Story

Let’s be honest. We are just a bunch of crazy people that stay up way too late and thought it would be fun to meet new photographers. We believe in community over competition and want to bring together a bunch of creatives to be friends with everyone. We believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Everyone should be friendly and nice, even if you like to tell dirty jokes and cuss a lot. And if we don’t bring each other up and help raise this community none of us will succeed. Hence why we say: You can sit with us. It’s not about popularity. It’s about community. So grab an adult beverage, turn on some sexy tunes and let’s hang out.

Our Philosophy

We believe in Inspiration. Education. And Conversation. We are about community. Accepting where you are, reflecting on where you were, deciding which direction to go next. The basic premise is we are better together. Each of our community members has a unique perspective and collection of experiences, and our experiences, shared, are so much greater than our experiences alone. Here, we share our sessions, our tips and tricks, the things that have shaped us, the processes we have nailed down, and the love we have for capturing subjects and light and love and the moments we freeze in time. Join us. Adventure with us. Learn with us. If there is anything we have learned from knowing each other, it’s that we probably can’t wait to meet you, too.

Meet the Sanctuary Guardians

(Really we just wanted to sound cool so we called ourselves that)

My first words were “YOU AREN’T THE BOSS OF ME”. I’m a romanticizer, visualizer, a hypnotizer. I love light and constantly pursue its devotion to a subject. I love small touches and wispy hair tendrils and small fingers wrapped around mommy fingers. I cackle. I dance. I light the world on fire. I am a story teller. A history writer. A memory crafter. I make dreams real, bottle time, hold love in the palm of my hand, and I am always finding something beautiful, no matter what I am looking at.

I live at the beach in Florida where I divide my time between my photography studio, the Integrated Marketing Agency I run with my husband, and chasing the 2 little loves of my life around the house until the kids get home from school. I love telling stories.

I want to tell my version of yours.

Karmen / Head Honcho

We won't say brains behind the operation, but we will say driving force and genius behind the Sanctuary.

Chadwick / Guardian

My mom told me if i can't say something nice to not say anything at all.

All about ME – In my opinion it always is 🙂

My name is Chad I go by Chadley, Chadwick, hey you, and some four letter words replaced with symbols.

I am always working.. I dream about working… And when im not working Im thinking about working.

I like to sing in the shower… And I like to party.

I believe a hug and a bum squeeze could solve any problem in the world (Including Cancer)

I am rarely serious… Its so boring.

I laugh at little kid dirty jokes.

“Your Mom” and “That’s what she said” are still the funniest things you could ever say.

Everyday I dedicate a new Song of the Day (SOTD) depending on my mood as my theme music for the day. Thank goodness for an ipod so I can listen to it all day long.

My goal in life is to have just one photo that makes everybody pee laughing. (You know peeing is funny cuz you just laughed)

My name is Chad… And without ME its just aweso