Van Morrison Maternity

Van Morrison Maternity

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Before going into a session I like to set the vibe with music. To me, music speaks to my soul and opens up my creative side on a whole other level. This time, with Toria and her daughter Piper, it was Van Morrison that inspired me.

I arrived at their house mid morning without an official plan, just an idea, or a mood that I wanted to create. Piper stole the show with her crazy hair and free spirit. Everything came together so perfectly as we hung out, jumped on the bed and of course, loved-on the doggies.

I was extra excited to edit these images right away. I stayed up late, drank some wine and finished that night. I sent a few to Toria through Facebook message at about 10:00 at night, trying to contain my excitement. Having never told her of my musical inspiration for the session, she mentioned to me that Into the Mystic was in fact one of her favorite songs. We were totally on the same wavelength the entire time!

Kristen Giles