The Magic of Freelensing

The Magic of Freelensing

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The essence of life falls somewhere between the all too familiar pain of reality and the too often fleeting memories of whimsical beauty, when we were able to find it.

I’m constantly trying to find magic. To catch it. To hold onto it. To remember it.

In the real world, the world I live in, the world I work in, the world where the drudgery of reality is all too clear; within my photography I found an escape. I don’t capture reality. I actually don’t even try. I want to create magic. I want to create a glimpse into the all too fleeting glimpses of whimsical beauty we are only sometimes able to recognize when it’s present.

This is what the freelensing technique helps me to do. And I find that I am most connected and inspired by art I’ve created using it.












Teresa Vick
  • So gorgeous! I love these images Teresa….I need some freelensing in my life for sure!!

  • WOW these just made my morning! Absolutely gorgeous. I may have to try this.. 🙂

    • Oh thank you Taylor! Yes!! Try it!! If you haven’t yet, it’s really simple! Just set your focus ring to manual and slide it around to the infinity symbol. Then remove your lens and hold it very close to you camera, sometimes touching, and then just move it around looking through the viewfinder to see where it catches focus. You can also turn on live view if your camera has that capability and sometimes that helps to get interesting angles or sometime easier to see where the focus is catching. Good luck!

  • Beautiful images – some personal tips and thoughts would have been nice to catch in the passage, but the visual content was gorgeous.

  • Thanks Suzanne! Yes, I was realizing that myself in hindsight. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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