The Photo Sanctuary Vision Quest

The Photo Sanctuary Vision Quest

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A vision quest is what I needed.

Something to shock me into my own existence.

Something to awaken my own journey, and give me energy to press on.

So I set up some models, shoots, pulled together wardrobe, and some of my favorite photographer friends… and we just had at it.

And although I clicked and clicked, I couldn’t get enough. Now I want more.

The first night, we did a midnight run to the beach with a Pixle Stick. Totally something new for most of us. We took turns posing, running and shooting.

The second day we had kiddos, seniors, a styled beach elopement, an amazing makeup artist, and an entire truck full of wardrobe options. It was magical.

The last day we raided Studio Be, the space I share with Cat Runyan Photography, where we exhausted ourselves with a lovely maternity, and finally, a newborn session….

Can I just say that not only did I meet and connect with some of my favorite ladies behind lenses, I was incredibly inspired and overwhelmed with the love I have for my images from those sessions. Learning alongside other photographers in an open, engaging environment is one of the best ways for me to build, increase, and transcend my relationship with my work. The closer I feel to my own work, the more fulfilled I feel all around.

Shooting for other people sometimes gets old. After I deliver the images, I just don’t continue feeling jazzed about it. Some days this is a job. THE BEST JOB, but still, a job. I have bills to pay, deposits to collect, equipment to not accidentally destroy, studio space to care for… Shoot, edit, deliver, shoot, edit, deliver. Even though I truly love recording all the incredible memories for others, my styled shoots have become the lifeline of my brand.

Each one takes me a step closer to aligning my client base with my personal vision.

Each one takes my journey further from being a photographer, and closer to being a vessel for beauty, an artist, and a magic maker.

So now this is what I want to do: have a quarterly vision quest. Create a space with some amazing people to create some amazing things the way we see it.

No rules, no expectations, no agendas. Just raw, real learning with real people.

Karmen Van Derven